TIM courses empower you to make the changes you're looking for. All you need are some simple tools and resources to make it happen.


You don't need to spend 100's of dollars on a course to learn about keto. Everything you need to know to get started and whether it's right for you is available for free in this 101 course for beginners. 

learn more about the FREE Keto 101 course for beginners

Determine if keto is right for you, how to lose weight eating keto, & how to get started.

Keto 101

You'll determine if keto is right for you, understand the benefits, the simple science and how keto works for weight loss. 


Two ways to begin keto, how to calculate your macros, how to test, plus tricks and tips for success.


Recipes, cooking & meal planning resources, keto approved sweeteners, & keto coffee dos and don'ts. 

FREE keto 101 course for beginners

Discover the power of the ketogenic lifestyle to control your weight without hunger and heal your body.


Keto Meal Planning Program + Course

Save time, be consistent & reach your goals

learn more about the meal planning program + course



The 3 PDF's that help you plan, prep & shop your weekly meals in a snap.


Lifetime access to the companion Meal Planning Program class. Helps you plan and prep your meals according to YOUR goals and food preferences in just three easy steps. 


Get access to the secret Thrive In Midlife Facebook discussion group, a bonus weekly meal plan for weight loss, and 100 quick and easy keto meal ideas cheat sheet when you purchase the bundle. 

Meal plan & prep like a boss

Save time + stay consistent + crush your goals

"Because I'm so busy, I never planned out my meals ahead of time. I was always running to the store last minute and eating too late, or worse...just ordering a pizza. With the Meal Planning Program, I got organized and learned how to plan all my meals for the week quickly. I only cook twice a week, I'm eating fresh simple keto food, and I'm finally starting to lose weight again. "

Julie C.
keto since July of 2017

"I'm thrilled with what I'm learning from you. I can't thank you enough for putting up such amazing content online. I'm so grateful to you!"

Elizabeth M.
Keto newbie Spring of 2018

"I now can easily fast for a full 24 hours. I don't ever feel hungry, cranky, or deprived about food, and Heather's ideas for keto friendly meal ideas make it so that I don't miss anything...The first week I lost weight, but I also had, and STILL have energy levels that I thought were a thing of the past. It's been empowering for me because at 45, thing were starting to change & feel out of control, but now I'm back in control. "

Amy P.
vegetarian ketonian

"In just 7 short days, I have done a complete 180! The fluid in my legs and abdomen are completely gone (really!) In fact, I went out last evening...for the first time in MONTHS and wore a favorite pair of pants I haven't worn in 2 years! My energy is back to what it used to be and I feel like myself again!"

Karen C.
Keto since Fall of 2017

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