What if you could save time and stay consistent eating keto?

  • Do you hate meal planning because it takes too much time?
  • Have you often wanted a system that could keep you on track with your eating, intermittent fasting, target macros, & exercise? 
  • What if you could plan a week's worth of your favorite keto meals in about 10 minutes?
  • Think of the time-saving convenience of cooking just twice a week...but never eating a leftover meal more than once?
  • Imagine creating your shopping list for the week in about 10 minutes flat?
  • Think how much time you could save & week after week if you had your own recipe organizer of your top 25 go-to keto meals in one handy PDF document?
Yes, please!

The Meal Planning Program

Includes 3 PDF's to help you choose what and how much to make, saves you time and keeps you consistent so you can crush your nutritional goals.

Index of Recipes

Fully customizable PDF Index of your favorite go-to recipes makes planning a snap.  

Meal Planning Worksheet

Calculate what, how much to make, and generate a shopping list


Quickly see your planned meals, intermittent fasting, exercise, & macros for the week. 

Save time, stick to your goals, and stay consistent

PLUS...you get lifetime access to the Keto Meal Planning Program Course


Get started with keto the right way

Overview of how to eat keto according to YOUR goals, Set up your macros and know how to track in My Fitness Pal. 

How to use your program

Easy 3-step instructions teach you how to use the program PDF's to quickly plan & prep forever no matter what your goals are. 

+ 3 sweet bonuses!

You get 100 quick keto meal ideas cheatsheet, a prefilled out weekly  meal plan for weight loss, plus an invite to the secret Facebook discussion group. 


The Keto Meal Planning Program accommodates your changing goals over time.


Learn how to lose weight on keto using weight loss macros & intermittent fasting. 


Maintain your weight effortlessly using maintenance macros.


Improve fasting blood sugars, manage a health condition,&/or improve body composition.  

Save time, stick to your goals, and stay consistent

"I now can easily fast for a full 24 hours. I don’t ever feel hungry, cranky or deprived about food. The first week I lost weight but I also had, and still have, energy levels that I thought were a thing of the past. It’s been empowering for me because at 45, things started to change and feel out of control and working with Heather's program has been such a blessing to me. This girl knows her stuff and she’s not afraid to tell you what’s up!""

Amy F.
vegetarian ketonian since 2017

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